"TBOS to me is more than just an organization. We are a family of students (and past students) who are working together each year, day by day, to reach as many unfortunate individuals here in Melbourne, TBOS has come so far and I am forever proud of those who have joined me to do things that are meaningful in life."


Founder 2016 - current

"I found Two Birds at a time when I was looking for a way to use my extra time to give back to the community. That was in 2016. Back then we operated with just a handful of volunteers. Now as President, it’s fantastic to see how far we have come in such a short space of time. With the support of the community and our ever-growing number of enthusiastic volunteers, the future is very bright for Two Birds One Scone."


Director & President 2018



President 2017 - 2018

"Sustainability is a big agenda in our day and age with communities around the globe doing their best to develop sustainable strategies that will improve our environment. Though Two Birds, One Scone is small in stature, our goals aim to make this world a better place. Having been present at the early days of this student-run initiative, it has opened my eyes to the world of food wastage and has also enabled me to support disadvantaged people who are unable to provide healthy food for themselves."


“Small ideas at home, can change the world”.


Vice President 2018

"I currently hold the positions of a Team Leader, Volunteer, and Treasurer. I study the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in biochemistry, and identify with the groups fundamental thesis of serving the public - drawing parallels between it and my degree. I endeavour to facilitate our charity's expansion through raising funds and implementing more efficient practises. Hopefully I will be able to witness, and propagate, the continuation of our charity's provisional capabilities and food waste mitigation"


Treasurer 2018


Rebecca Cook

"I decided to start volunteering with Two Birds One Scone in mid-2017. Upon speaking to the founder Melissa Lee, I was inspired to give some of my spare time. The premise of Two Birds is to save otherwise wasted food, and redirect it into the hands of those who cannot attain food themselves. It is a simple concept. But even the smallest acts such as volunteering once a week, can have a even bigger impact for someone else."


Secretary 2018


Patrick Said

Vice President 2016-2017

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